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The online is a series of interviews and resources that give insight into what makes the business run. A survey element has been added to the Careers In Music day to make it more substantive and thought provoking, which enables it to expand beyond a one-day event for the students. Our hope is that, through open discussion, students will develop better research, debate and other useful skills.

Past GRAMMY In The Schools participants include: All-4-One, Boyz II Men, Melissa Etheridge, David Foster, Jimmy "Jam" Harris, Wyclef Jean, Joe, LL Cool J, Branford Marsalis, Curtis Mayfield, Roger Nichols, Phil Ramone, Linda Ronstadt, Arturo Sandoval, Al Schmitt, Jon Secada, Alan Silvestri, Tony Visconti, Diane Warren, Don Was, Trisha Yearwood and Faith Hill.

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GRAMMY In The Schools Careers In Music
Tools for navigating the industry

This national outreach program provides insight to high school students about careers that are available in music, and direction on how to prepare for them. Primarily held on university campuses across the country, GRAMMY In The Schools provides an opportunity for students to interact with professionals representing a wide range of careers.

A successful career in the music business is like an iceberg - most people are only aware of one small, dazzling portion of it: the hit single, the catchy video, a platinum album or sold-out concert tour. What's less visible is the huge amount of time and effort that underlies those achievements.

There are many people behind the music you hear every day. These professionals have followed different paths into the music business, and those who are successful have invested much time and effort in the journey.

The program begins with a super panel of top professionals who share their experiences and describe the challenges of their careers both on-stage and behind-the-scenes. Panels may include producers, performers, managers, A&R reps, recording engineers, arrangers, business executives, publishers, educators, attorneys, publicists, music therapists and songwriters. Students then break into smaller groups for hands-on career specific workshops, master classes and/or in-depth discussions about the career paths that interest them most.