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Mount Alvernia High School is located in Montego Bay Jamaica, one of five schools providing secondary education to students in Western Jamaica. Located approximately 5 minutes drive from the Donald Sangster International Airport. Mt. Alvernia High School provides educational opportunities to girls.

Over the centuries, the Jamaican culture has been enriched by the musical traditions of our forebearers. Music departments like that of Mt. Alvernia play a significant role in how the art form is experienced and understood by the young. A narrow conception of arts education has resulted in the arts being undervalued in schools. Often percieved as merely recreational, that arts appear to have less worth than academic subjects. Mt. Alvernia's music programme is geared towards changing that perception. If a career in music is desirous, the Mount Alvernia High School is for you. The choir and band attracts students from all over Jamaica's second city, Montego Bay. Involved in the nurturing of many of Jamaica's music professionals - we have a reputation to be reckoned with. High standards are set for students, while maintaining a belief in enjoying the value of artistic achievement.

Mt. Alvernia High School
Queens Drive
Montego Bay
Jamaica W.I.

Phone: (876) 979-1342
(876) 362-1262

Fax: (876) 979-1342
Vinton Haughton BSc. Ed. (Hons) TTDipl. Ed. (Mus)